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metal gate
1 June 2018

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cityscape [b&w]
31 May 2018

Recent Comments

Ralf Kesper on 1295

Siepi on 1295

Michael Rawluk on 1293
I love it.

rem_la on 1292
bien vu, mais quel tristesse................

Le Krop on 1291
Une image étonnante, troublante.

Siepi on 1291
nature vs man made

Siepi on 1289
Nice detail of this building.

Harry on 1280
Fun graffiti!

harry on 1273
love the tones in this one

Jason Kravitz on 1273
Excellent textures and street art on this one.

Brian on 1267
Nice capture of this plane

Daniel on 1257
Cool !

harry on 1255
nice high-key work

Brian on 1239

Dimitrios on 1239
mm A most elegant b&w

Daniel on 1239
Super !

Anne on 1233
Belles couleurs

Brian on 1225
Great capture of the light

Brian on 1224
A nice image the different colours give it a effect

Jason Kravitz on 1220
I like the layers of colors. Is this Mount Teide in Tenerife?

Brian on 1220
Nice image

Anne on 1220

Anne on 1219
rocks everywhere

Brian on 1218
A nice place a great landscape photo

A on 1218
Piękna sobota <3

omid on 1206
Amazing view !!!

Harry on 1204
very nice - wise use of vertical composition

Harry on 1203
lovely mountain pass scene

Różowa Nornica on 1199
Że mogłam tam być..

Różowa Nornica on 1199
Cieszę się, ze tam byłam…

omid on 1198
Amazing shapes & textures.

Ralf Kesper on 1196
Wild and rough looking mountains

Brian on 1193
Nice image of this island

omid on 1192
Amazing view.

omid on 1191
Amazing shadows !!!!!!!

omid on 1189
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Lovely sunset.

omid on 1188
very nice shot! L O V E L Y !

Siepi on 1187
grimm drawing, well framed.

omid on 1186
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

Le Krop on 1186
Bien vu bien fait.

Siepi on 1186
food for thaught, well framed

Gary on 1185
It seems to be a hotchpotch of many influences

Siepi on 1185
Paperart on the wall: well captured.

Harry on 1184
beautiful framing; fine depth of field to focus the near weeds while keeping the sailboat sharpish

Gary on 1184
Nicely composed

omid on 1184
very nice shot! Lovely !!!!!

Vaido on 1184
Interesting towers are included in the composition.

Florence on 1184
Really beautiful!

Siepi on 1184
Superbe compo

Florence on 1183
Agree with Siepi!

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