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metal gate
1 June 2018

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cityscape [b&w]
31 May 2018

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Jaya on system failure
They told that the Virus name is Greed :-)

Ralf Kesper on system failure
A pretty cool sticker.

Ton cœur adoré on system failure

Darkelf Photography on lighthouse
Fine composition with great colours. Cannot wait to visit Iceland again next year.

Existence Artistique on lighthouse

Blikvanger on lighthouse
Nice scene

Ralf Kesper on lighthouse
Beautiful, well composed image.

Dreams come true on lighthouse
Great perspectives and a beautiful photo.

Darkelf Photography on Edward Ka-Spel & Patrick Q. Wright
Superb concert photo. Excellent exposure, focus and sharpness.

omid on Edward Ka-Spel & Patrick Q. Wright
A M A Z I N G !!!!

Existence Artistique on Edward Ka-Spel & Patrick Q. Wright
superbe ce rouge

Ralf Kesper on Edward Ka-Spel & Patrick Q. Wright
Well made concert capture. I like this red illumination around the musicans.

Existence Artistique on winter is coming
un bel effet sur cette recherche

Darkelf Photography on pond reflection
Another cool abstract.

Ana Lúcia on pond reflection
A great abstract!

Existence Artistique on pond reflection
c'est vraiment bien recherché

Ralf Kesper on pond reflection
Well seen and captured. Looks like a retina inside of an eye.

AGNIESZKA on posta-posta-posta
czekam na list od Ciebie, będę zaglądać do mojej skrzynki. bardzo ładne zdjęcie.

beach on rusty bolt
Nice find.

Existence Artistique on rusty bolt
un bon travail de recherche

Ralf Kesper on rusty bolt
Very nice detail capture. Well done in colors, sharpness and dept of fields.

Existence Artistique on central asymmetry
bien ce graphisme

Darkelf Photography on nature will reclaim your cities
Lovely combination of natural and man made elements.

Dutchess on nature will reclaim your cities
Beautiful!! Did you go back in autumn for the beautiful colours of the Virginia creeper?

Existence Artistique on nature will reclaim your cities

Existence Artistique on posta-posta-posta

Jaya on posta-posta-posta
bella-bella-bella :-)

Gérard Flayol on posta-posta-posta
Well seen and done. All the same name these inhabitants, how makes the factor(mailman)?!

Darkelf Photography on lava
Excellent detail and fine lava abstract.

Ralf Kesper on posta-posta-posta
Adorable capture. Really well done. I love this.

Ralf Kesper on lone cruiser
Pretty cool!

Existence Artistique on lone cruiser
bien ce seuil

beach on lone cruiser
Excellent shot.

Dutchess on lone cruiser
It's going fast given the slipstream ;-) Great abstract!

Existence Artistique on pagani
oh j'adore

Ralf Kesper on pagani
Very nice street-art. Well done framed and contrasted picture.

Gérard on pagani
Better than Korn, Fenr or Zeia !!!

Existence Artistique on old posters
c'est superbe et bien composé

Dutchess on old posters
Old posters are much more photogenic than new posters ;-) A great match of faded colours!

B. Thomas on don't stomp on the pig
Happy Silly Tuesday!

Existence Artistique on don't stomp on the pig
c'est une intéressante recherche

Dutchess on don't stomp on the pig
Why not? Perfect framing/1

Existence Artistique on spatial alignment
bien ce graphisme

Dreams come true on spatial alignment
Looks 2D nice lines and boxes.

Gérard on spatial alignment
Good compossition with this "urban space" !

Marcel P. on spatial alignment
Mondrian !

Ralf Kesper on spatial alignment
Well done!

Darkelf Photography on colorfull degradation
Interesting detail and a great title.

Agnieszka on street art is not a crime

Agnieszka on concrete texture
very nice

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